Visual Artist and Transdisciplinar Scientific Researcher in Fine Arts, he reflects about the physical volubility and the diametrical magnifying of the subject, susceptible of narratives and criteria base for specific creative experiences that, are not more than what the desire for the etymon and human destination. Aesthetic, that it not only results of the union of the technique with the theory, but also, and more expressed, of the density of the sublime one, the unconscious one.

Holds a II Post-Doctoral: "Physis-aisthetikos-Psychiko necropsy: abiogenesis coeval scoped trans/post-body”. The I Post-Doctoral: "Effraction of the flesh versus aisthetés: Concupiscence for the other. Both with the support of FCT (Science and Technology Foundation, Portugal). PhD Cum Laude in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, in 2006 with the support of FCT (Science and Technology Foundation, Portugal), Thesis title: “Uninhabiting the body in its entrails: Coupling and interface”; Sufficiency Researcher, in the same University, in 2001; Post-graduated in Graphic Arts, in the same University in 1999; Licensed (Undergraduate degree) by ETAC - Artistic School of Technology of Coimbra (Portugal) in 1999.

He held several research projects in different institutions and centers, from 2000, with emphasis to: theoretical/practical research in the field of Chirurgic intervention (Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstruction Chirurgic) in the Ivo Pitanguy Studies Center, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil); the fetus and its relation with the human placenta research, in the Maternity Dr. Daniel de Matos Hospital, Coimbra (Portugal); transsexual research (vaginoplasty reconstruction surgery), with Dr. Ivan Mañero Surgeon, Barcelona (Spain); mamoplasty reduction surgery research, with Dr Francisco Campos Surgeon, Porto (Portugal); Obstetrics research with Dr. Vincent Cararach, in the House Maternity Hospital – Clinic University Hospital of Barcelona (Spain); in the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, IP Delegation of the South (Portugal), with Director, Professor Ph.D. Jorge Costa Santos of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon; amongst others.

He participated in several seminars and workshops. And simultaneously to his researches he directed art work, presented in different (national and international) collective exhibitions, from 1998, with emphasis to: three consecutive editions (V, IV and III) of the International Festival of Art – BAC (Barcelona Contemporary Art), in the CCCB (Cultural Contemporary Center of Barcelona) (Spain); V Biennale of Plastic Arts, Marinha Grande (Portugal); III Biennale of Art, Cupertino de Miranda Foundation (Portugal); three consecutive editions (VI, IV and III) of the Sentidos Gratis Exhibition Art (Portugal); two editions (X and XI) of the International Biennale of Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal); interactive art exhibition in La Capella, Barcelona (Spain): Culture House exhibition, Coimbra (Portugal); Young Creators 2000 exhibition, Porto (Portugal); between others. Counts yet with several publications in the art field and gives emphasis to the interview he gave to the “Umbigo” art magazine – 23th edition, Lisboa (Portugal), December 2007.