“...I am affirming my certainty of his high qualities as a professional, in sense of research reflecting a transdisciplinar approach of the human being development in contemporary time around the body in its several meanings (physiological, artistic, relational, self identity) (...)” Ph.D. Fátima Feliciano, 2012.

“I attended several of his exhibitions and I could observe the respect of their peers concerning his artwork and I was able to appreciate his intellectual and hard working qualities.” Ph.D. Helena Marques, 2012.

“…would like to emphasize his strong creative and analytical ability, and excellent communication skills.” Ph.D. Antònia Vilà, 2012.

“…highlight the interest of the Multidisciplinary research within the field of art and its relation to Science and Technology.” Ph.D. Alicia Vela, 2012.

"...highlight the interest of the investigation - by its multidisciplinary nature and boldness - in the field of art and its relation to Science and Medical Technology from the analysis of visualization of medical intervention in its different aspects, with special emphasis on the latter step, with the intervention of forensic medicine. "Ph.D. Alicia Vela, 2011.

"...confront cultural barriers and limits on classical themes Eros/Thanatos, at its poles attraction repulsion. For its implementation the author uses and appropriates eloquently from the technological development, to send to the public, whether in the context of science and art, promoting the extent and impact of work on their double objective: research and actively involves the public in the process of the I who investigate an object which is also himself. Hereby follows a breakthrough challenging the emerging theme of the individual's search for identity of the multiple metamorphosed and chameleon in a society that presents itself and is perceived as demanding and unforgiving for success / integration / realization; where the human self in its grandeur of potential and fragility limits, yearns to overcome composing himself as superhero of the cybernetic metropolis, where the skin is protection limit and simultaneously barrier of the dynamics and extension of the body versus virtual and global development. "Ph.D. Dr Fatima Feliciano and Reis Marques, 2011.

"If Orlan, in her carnal art, presents the surgery and its result (a process of political contestation, not of aesthetic operation itself but the social vision that instigates) (Orlan, 2009), Sá Cabral wants to get up at open body, body on which questions what leads to extreme suffering of the flesh in the process of seduction." Clara Gomes (Researcher and Journalist), 2010.

"Body embellished in the author's approach on the fascinating and uplifting in that 'defrankenstanized' body (cf. the author's works: ‘umbilical cords’, 2000 " Brokenhearted Lovers ", 2001), and ripped bodies in and by surgery ("never enough ... ", 2004), highlighting the beauty of the 'pieces', its individualized beauty as if carefully separated the heteronyms that make up the I / total already expressed by Fernando Pessoa. Movements of self-dissection in a body amazed and that is an amaze, released but anguished by the arrest of its boundaries that lead it to artificialized up in the overcoming and in the di-bestiality than the new technological development has taken us captive, in the desire for anonymity / individualization against the surveillance and control of the power of social forces and against the surveillance of the power and control of the psycho-emotional forces. By pain and against pain arises the escape of the bestiality control that modern societies contain and condemn. Destroy me for not be destroyed, rebuild me to be lived and undying physically and emotionally, for merge into the other, where I see me mirrored like a beautiful being that can be and should be loved, and then finally die because it become immortal, to his love. (...) Having so here the artistic expression of the author (as it evaluates the artistic expression of all authors), the function of exposing, in contrast to hiding "...an intrinsic empty disconcerting," Cabral Sá, 2009, p. 8). By insinuating the body, or his artwork and words, dispoil himself, naked himself, exposes himself, perhaps in the metaphor of hiding in that lush mask is the eternal paradox of being read and discovered the emptiness that wants to fill, as to cleansed the spoils, the dirty’s of who build a new space for it to be occupied by the new 'love'. (...) It is then an artist in an eternal becoming, by construction that it contains without being contained, by and for the steel, by and for the stem cells (in a prodigious precocity), that saves but which also have referred to the confinement, now in reconstruction by the straight-mutilation of the exposure to the (re) shred of the other(s) - of which ourselves are a representation here in these words. (...) Sá Cabral's artwork do not allow us to be indifferent, we don’t look and stay untouched, one can look away but for what hurts us, bothers us, intrigue us, make us uneasy, you can be hypnotized by any mechanism of essence but never mute or immutable. Here draw its self-carving process in relation to the other, or in the straight interaction that’s equipped him to the rip of the body-rock and release of the castration-emotions. (...) "Fatima Feliciano Ph.D., 2010.

"... It would highlight their consistency and risk in time of address their artistic projects neatly tied to their theoretical interests and of research. Their concerns to the theoretical and practical inquiry focus on the interconnection between art and science, more specifically, Art vs. Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic and Reconstructive, as a intrinsic necessity of the subject by the conquest of the other, making visible from its video graphic or sculptural, that inseparable relationship between thought and technology, process and technique. Technology that this "vis a vis" with the body, speaks of depersonalization or edification of a subject under construction through praxis. "Ph.D. Alicia Vela, 2009.

"Their concerns for theory and practice research focus on the interconnection between Art, Science and Technology in an innovative and effective manner..." Alicia Vela Ph.D., 2008

"In seeming antithesis with the subject of his human search, Sá Cabral works preferably in cold materials such as steel and marble dust. (...) Inspired by Vesalius, Rembrandt or Da Vinci, the artist opens the body and, through its innards, which shaman, analyses - in steel and marble - our instincts of life and death. (...) "Clara Games (Journalist), 2007.

"...always showed rigor in the conception and implementation of their projects, search for technical and scientific reasoning in relation to the areas in which their subjects are involved, attentive and careful research whose aspects synthesize the human existence in its various forms of expression, culminating in the artistic expression and its nuances in terms of visual expression. Expression of, and to the body, while expansion of their limitations, and uplifting opportunity to re-identification and ambition of immortality through marks of the human impressions that surround the finitude of the human body. "Ph.D. Fatima Feliciano, 2006.